Shy shy shy Share Slick Video For Neon

Shy shy shy Share Slick Video For “Neon”

Backed by the success of having several of their songs featured on Danish television show, Doggystyle, Danish Duo Shy shy shy just released a new EP titled, “Gloss”. Amongst the five-tracks is Neon which is a direct influence of the show with the duo explaining:

At first we were only meant to write the title song, but when we started writing we couldn’t stop and just kept going. Anna Emma Haudal (the screenwriter and director behind Doggystyle) is exceptionally good at portraying the modern self-absorbed and restless generation and it was almost too easy recognizing our selves in the story. “

Thick bass lines are dragged through an electric swamp that gradually builds into a frenetic surge of dueling textures – much like the feelings that arise when running into certain people from your past life.

Joining the single is a slick Dennis Morton and Mathias Strømfeldt directed slow-motion video that focuses on that moment where lovers grow apart.