afternoon bike ride Shares Terrace Rain Grid Search

afternoon bike ride Shares “Terrace Rain/Grid Search”

Musician-producers David Tanton (aka Rhoda/Tender Spring, who joined me for a Toronto Spotlight several years ago), Éloi Le Blanc-Ringuette (aka Thomas White), and Lia Kurihara (aka LIA) are the Montreal-based trio behind afternoon bike ride. What originally began as a collaborative project aside from their own solo work has turned into a larger outlet that combines the warmth of life in Quebec with the purity of winter that surrounds them.

“We each felt like it was a space to experiment with different sounds than we were typically used to making. As we crafted our songs, we realized that our sound progressed into a more refined and intricate version of our beginnings, letting vocals take center stage on some tracks, involving different instrumentalists, spending more time on sound design, incorporating facets of unexpected genres wherever we can.” – afternoon bike ride

The trio recently announced their forthcoming self-titled album and have shared the double release Terrace Rain and Grid Search ft. Sleepy Fish. Watch the trio in the accompanying video for Terrace Rain below.

‘Afternoon Bike Ride’ will include a collection of their friends including Ryan Hemsworth, Sleepy Fish, Kogane, Naji, Eli Bishop, Santpoort, Aso, and Park Bird. It’s set to release through Friends of Friends on September 24.