Benedikt Releases Incredible New Balcony Dream Album

Benedikt Releases Incredible New “Balcony Dream” Album

After several singles like ‘My Killer’ and ‘Purple and Green’, Oslo-based outfit and one of my recent obsessions, Benedikt has released Balcony Dream. Having listened to it several times back-to-back since yesterday’s release, it’s one not to miss.

Speaking on the album’s inspiration, the 9-piece indie-folk group offered:

‘Balcony Dream’ is an album of memories. It’s a sober salute of all the things we dwell upon as human beings – nostalgia, past love, dysfunctional relations and other ambiguities of life. All well-covered topics in the folk music tradition, but dressed up in unconventional and playful arrangements and production. We want our music to sound both familiar and otherworldly at the same time, which we feel like we’ve really managed this time.