Jacana People Celebrate Summer With Era

Jacana People Celebrate Summer With “Era”

Between their new monthly residency on Reprezent Radio, Jacana People has released singles ‘Fara’ and ‘Second Story Sunlight’ and now return with Era.

Inspired by the prospect of a summer out of lockdown, Era is a cascade of brilliant hypnotic energy. Chopped vocals are set against a rippling warmth with hues of melancholy that delivers an intoxicating mix.

On the single, Jacana People says:

‘Era’ for us, is all about the height of summer. We wanted to construct something joyous and escapist – a clubbier single to soundtrack a long day in the sun. This year that idea carries more weight as we move past lockdown; we can finally be together in the heat, at our favourite clubs and festivals. Playing this one out, as the sun is setting to a crowd who haven’t been able to connect in a long time, will be a special moment.