TOLEDO Looks Back On The Chaos On Dog Has Its Day

TOLEDO Looks Back On The Chaos On “Dog Has Its Day”

Daniel Alvarez and Jordan Dunn-Pilz are the Brooklyn-based duo behind TOLEDO and they recently announced a new EP, ‘Jockeys of Love’. Inspired by new love for Alvarez and the end of it for Dunn-Pilz, the duo captures relationship issues, substance abuse, anxiety, and depression with a sense of hope around the dim corner.

There’s a lot of that in this EP,” says Dunn-Pilz. “It’s not just presenting a problem, it’s offering a solution as well. It’s pushing through adversity, and taking action instead of sitting back and letting things happen to you.”

Following ‘Challenger’ and ‘It’s Alive!’, they now share Dog Has Its Day. Here, they futilely try to piece together what led to a breakup shortly after the initial emotional chaos. It sounds like anything but that chaos or the ensuing despair which you plunge into with its gentle instrumentation and wistful harmonies. Listen to Dog Has Its Day right here.

‘Jockeys of Love’ from TOLEDO is due out February 12.