Listen To The Future Slow Jams Of Smooth Blaq's On The Way

Listen To The Future Slow Jams Of Smooth Blaq’s “On The Way”

We’ve all been in those situations where you’re finishing your drink with the boys and you’re like “whoa girl, chill” and send that “omw” text. The elusive Smooth Blaq encapsulates this on on their latest cut, appropriately titled On The Way.

This time around, Buffalo native Droyd jumps on to lend that crooner throat of his for another slow jam with an extra bump to it from the future R&B vibes during the hook. Crunchy synths slide next to sensual percussion that peels buttons off in a slow stutter step of suspense like rushing from the bar with heart palpitations and palms that thirst for beastly sweat. You can officially add this to that love making playlist.