Premiere Delta Will Seek To Connect On Wood Wide Web

Premiere: Delta Will Seek To Connect On “Wood Wide Web”

Toronto-based existential-pop outfit Delta Will recently announced a new EP, “Multitudes II”, and now bring us the second single, titled Wood Wide Web.

Despite having the world in our pockets with friends and potential lovers a swipe away, there’s a sense of detachment and isolation and tension and irony that rests along the contours of a loathsome abyss. But Delta Will brings some much-needed enlightenment with lush magical textures as they explore the interconnectedness of all living things.

With help from label-mate Kira May (additional vocals), Chris Adriaanse (double bass), and Jaron Freeman-Fox (violin), Wood Wide Web is a hypnotic verdant tide. It envelops with fragrant inviting shorelines and an infinite chanting lull like a transmission between our deeper selves and the most distant stars.

Delta Will’s forthcoming “Multitudes II” EP is due May 17.