Toronto Spotlight: Meanlife's Got "Bad Vibes in the Womb"

Toronto Spotlight: Meanlife’s Got “Bad Vibes in the Womb”

Last year marked the release of Meanlife’s debut single and accompanying video for “Picture Shy” which I premiered on these pages. Since then, they’ve laboured over eight anxiety-riddled anthems with candy-coated guitars weighed down by manic depression.

Bad Vibes in the Womb is the Meanpop-infused result where downer country-rock meets stoner melodies. Opener “Let Me In” finds Fishauf on a high and on a mission to get even with the world before tumbling back down with jagged guitars and dancing keys. “Fuckable” sounds like the mania that strikes during a dry spell and you begin to lose your shit. Things slow down with the fuzzy jazz-like title track before launching back into mania on “Picture Shy” and Fishauf reminding himself to get even with the world on “Left Nothin’ Behind” as it howls and stomps with splayed unsure feet.

Get acquainted with Meanpop and read what Fishauf had to say about the genre, the project, and more.

Since the release, have you become more fuckable?

Actually yes, thanks for asking. Around when we put out the ‘Fuckable’ single I didn’t have sex for maybe 6 months. Post-album I’m doing alright. What about you?

Well, maybe I need to release my debut single. How do you split your time between making music and creating spicy memes?

Songs take a year+ to finish and put out for me. I can make a meme in minutes. Although my songs are actually getting more meme-like, maybe soon they’ll fully cross streams.

As the founding Meanpop band, do you have anything to say to future Meanpop bands?

You’re welcome, bros. Study and respect the Meanpop bible, Weezer’s “Pinkerton”.

The very first Meanlife show is happening October 4th at Sneaky Dee’s. How does this make you feel and what can attendee’s expect?

I’m writing this a few days after the show, it went surprisingly okay. Attendees were welcomed with obscure Beach Boys covers and chunks of white chocolate. Felt good.

Do you have anything lined up for the cold dead winter that lies ahead?

Currently planning to put out a hot new single called “Ready 2 Spark” and record our 2nd album, “Funny Times”.

Will it be real funny or sitting at your nine to five desk job manic depressive funny?

It’ll be funny like a mirror or a TV.

Anything else you’d like to add?

After you finish “Bad Vibes In The Womb”, you should listen to this song.