Drömstad Release Mesmerizingly Beautiful Long Enough

Drömstad Release Mesmerizingly Beautiful “Long Enough”

Vocalist Amanda Martta Larsson and instrumentalist Ned Gartside fuse their roots of Sweden and Western England to create atmospheric indie-pop as Drömstad. Now based in London, the duo met by chance in the summer of 2016 and have been working on their debut EP ever since. Ahead of tomorrow’s milk! EP release, they’ve shared Long Enough.

Led by Larsson’s fragile voice that cries with ghosts in the cracks of her tongue, Long Enough is mesmerizing. Gartside’s steady single drum plods along with the unseen heavy weight of time while Larsson’s vocals echo into the clear, frosted, sparkling winter night. Unanswered, the yearning becomes blinding and uncontrollable. With weeping guitars, the gradual build is like an inextinguishable dream that flows between forgotten memories and the crescent of a sullen sky. And it is absolutely beautiful.

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