KAS-tro Release The Brooding Minimal Self Interest EP

KAS-tro Release The Brooding Minimal “Self Interest” EP

Alvin Lee Ryan and Tony Russell are the experimental electronic duo behind KAS-tro, having first met at an East London music school that Russell runs on behalf of a music charity. Using their shared academic approach to creating music, they’ve now released their third EP, Self Interest.

For this release, the duo focus on using organic source sounds ranging from instruments and pieces of wood to a packet of noodles – and recording non-repeating sections that nod to classic minimalism. A rich soundscape of brooding textures collide with a fragile touch in this dystopian narrative of fractured beats and warped vocals. Heavy industrial thumps march to the harrowing beat of the end of mankind in slow motion allowing all to watch with vivid acuity. Shadows loom and sag with desperate and distorted pale eyes and bloodied tusks, twisting in the white noise of death. Anxious and haunting, Self Interest is a fresh and unique project that fits perfectly with these uncertain days.