Grace Gillespie Returns With The Existentialist Goodbye

Grace Gillespie Returns With The Existentialist “Goodbye”

Following last year’s debut EP, ‘Pretending’, Grace Gillespie returns to her folk roots like on previous singles ‘Restoration’ and ‘Lady Make Believe’. On Goodbye, Gillespie explores the financial and emotional struggles of an independent musician. Existentialism is woven with gentle instrumentals and shifting harmonies as she focuses on a moment of self-doubt in which she’s still unable to say goodbye to her desire to create.

As she explains:

“I wrote ‘Goodbye’ after putting two of my much-loved guitars up on eBay. I put them up for unrealistic prices, no part of me truly wanted them to sell, but I suppose on some level I thought that my life of music had to begin to end for me. I needed the money from the guitars, but I also needed the guitars to record, to play live and for my own sanity. The song for me represents that two- way pull: barely surviving whilst making music, but knowing I would never survive if I didn’t make music.”