Josh Gilligan Looks Inward On Existential Where Can I Go

Josh Gilligan Looks Inward On Existential “Where Can I Go”

Where Can I Go is the latest offering from Nashville-based Josh Gilligan and arrives at the end of a tumultuous and uncertain year. Inspired by someone who suggested he write a love letter to his own self-doubts, Gilligan looks inward and asks himself how to move forward, will it get better, and where can he go. For a song centred on the iron grip of anxiety and existential dread, it’s relaxed and steady with soft keys and Gilligan’s confident vocals serving as a beacon of light.

In addition to working on the completion of his full-length record, Josh Gilligan is also a member and songwriter within Liza Anne’s musical unit, and a production partner with Nashville artist, Thad Kopec. Working as a film director throughout his early adult years, Josh is always lending an ear to his songcraft as well as how his songs can find a home in a visual world.