The Lowest Pair Follow Their Curiosity On Wild Animals

The Lowest Pair Follow Their Curiosity On “Wild Animals”

After releasing four albums as The Lowest Pair, Kendl Winter and Palmer T. Lee released solo albums through Conor Oberst’s Team Love Records in 2018. The duo would later return to begin work on their fifth, this time tapping Bright Eyes member and producer Mike Mogis to aid them in pushing their creative limits.

Wild Animals is the second single from their forthcoming ‘The Perfect Plan’ LP. With their signature banjo, Wild Animals swirls and pulses with the dark unknown that saturates our surroundings.

Of the track, The Lowest Pair says: “‘Wild Animals’ is about following curiosity and intrigue into the mysterious places that they can take you, being both frightened and excited by a wilder side, internally or externally, and not wanting to return to normalcy after experiencing the ecstatic, all the while trying to hold steady.”

Listen to The Lowest Pair’s first single, ‘Too Late Babe’.