Jan Amit Takes You On A Celestial Journey With Lumen_Nation

Jan Amit Takes You On A Celestial Journey With “Lumen_Nation”

Jan Amit (Yan Pavelchuk) is the 21-year-old Moscow-based electronic music composer and producer who recently joined Hyperboloid Records. With this new joint venture, Jan Amit just released a nine-track story titled, Finding Home. This project is meant to emphasize the long-awaited breaking of boundaries within musical genres: each track refers to an exact story from his biography, having been performed in its own unique style and fully immersing the listener in a sound bath of bass. One of the nine stories is Lumen_Nation, an eight-minute long journey that explores the boundaries between Earth and the celestial plane.

The digital is transfused with the mysterious arc of the cosmos as Lumen_Nation lures you from safety into a deep realm. Heavy bass and transcendental words and images pulse in the superstructure of the phantasmal flux. The buildup becomes an eternal moment that beats with a million billion stars between the liquid mirror and the clouds. Speaking of his inspiration, Jan Amit says:

“My goal is to awaken and evoke the deepest emotions inside of someone. I’m not making anything of this world. I’m just kind of a “transmitter” of things that are utterly difficult to be described in our day to day life all broken up by the many language barriers around the world. That’s why I use the wide variety of possibilities provided by the modern era of technology, it’s all about finding the perfect ‘words/music’ for these vibes.”

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