Aaron Taos Wants The Forbidden In Funky Bloom

Aaron Taos Wants The Forbidden In Funky “Bloom”

Bloom is the latest from Aaron Taos as he lays down some summer swagger in an attempt to taste the forbidden. Inspired by his friend’s sister, Bloom is a bop. A windows down, hood down while cruising through the park right over the slackline kids kinda bop. It ain’t worth it, Aaron.

“Bloom” is a track about me having a crush on my friend’s sister,” explains Taos. “It’s got the whole forbidden fruit vibe where we both have feelings for each other but are unable to act on them given the context. The song is my confession about this underlying tension and making the case to this person that we should give in to our feelings. It’s the fantasy of letting our love blossom – a natural progression like the spring flowers in bloom.”

Watch the vibrant Taylor Florio directed here.