Celine Cairo Overcomes A Dark Period With Found A Light

Celine Cairo Overcomes A Dark Period With “Found A Light”

On Found A LightCeline Cairo takes a step into a new direction and looks back on a difficult period and overcoming the depression and anxiety that suffocated her. With her delicate fingerpicking that blossoms into an ethereal nebula with keys, Cairo makes peace with her past and discovers love within her.

Speaking on the inspiration, Cairo says:

“I wrote this song when I was alone in the studio after a long day of rehearsals and it just hit me how things had changed, how I was feeling so alive and balanced, and that wasn’t always the case. I sat down with my favorite acoustic guitar and felt so overwhelmed, just by how aging, acceptance and getting help really pulled my out of that dark time. It’s time to make peace with the fact that I’ve gone that deep and I hope somebody out there will feel that their dark times will pass too. It always does.”

Found A Light by Celine Cairo was recorded at the legendary Studio 150 in Amsterdam, a big church built in the early 20’s and was recently renovated to become one of Holland’s most renowned recording studios.