Floral Couches Shares Sultry Bedroom Pop EP Glitter

Floral Couches Shares Sultry Bedroom Pop EP “Glitter”

During college, Cody Gray performed as Young Adult with his best friend but when that came to an end, the Chicago-based artist set off to create his own sound. As Floral Couches, Gray writes, performs, and records everything himself in his apartment, including his sophomore EP, Glitter.

As the title suggests, Glitter is a neon-lit, late night rendezvous. Beguiling synths stretch between sultry R&B flavoured bass that twists and thuds like electric hips alongside a stereo vibed out guitar and Gray’s mellow croon. You may even catch Gray’s bird chirping in the background or his dog’s nails on the wood floor, adding an extra carnal touch to an already sexy bedroom-pop cut.

Floral Couches Glitter and previous album, “Electric Fever” are available through Spotify and Bandcamp.