CHIVVY Looks Back On What Was Lost On "Deeper Blue"
Emil Daniel

CHIVVY Looks Back On What Was Lost On “Deeper Blue”

CHIVVY, formerly known as ‘The Tape’, spent 2020 refining their new sound and recording their debut album. They recently shared singles ‘Red Water’ and ‘In Control’ and now return with Deeper Blue. The Gothenburg-based trio explores what-if scenarios glittering guitars and an atmosphere that billows with faded memories. Speaking on the single, CHIVVY offered:

“A song about looking back on something that has been lost. The relationship that never became, the plans that never became or the dreams that no longer exist. It is a nostalgia trip to something that one misses and tried to save, but which may never have been meant for you.”

Listen to Deeper Blue here.

PC: Emil Daniel