THALA Shares Dreamy 80's Inspired Takemeanywhere Video

THALA Shares Dreamy 80’s Inspired “Takemeanywhere” Video

Newcomer THALA started out as a street performer only a year ago then hit the open mic scene. From there, she set out to start recording her own music and released three singles last year. The 26-year-old Berlin-based artist returns with her first single of the year titled Takemeanywhere.

Featuring a touch of the 80’s mixed with dream-pop and THALA’s soft vocals, THALA captures nostalgia and our desire to change things. It’s all the more fitting after a year of lockdowns. On the single, she offered:

“Initially, I’ve written ‘Takemeanywhere’ thinking about how many people must be longing to go back in time, hoping they’d be able to change certain conversations or happenings of any kind for the better. After it was fully written and produced. I sat together with the people I teamed up with to shoot the music video and I realized that it could be perceived as many things. Especially now, it creates this feel of longing to actually be able to go somewhere at all. Out of your own apartment walls to wherever. Basically anywhere. So in the end people can understand this song the way they like and feel it fits for them.”

Dream away with THALA here.