GRAE Shares 90's Inspired DIY Video For Ex Lovers

GRAE Shares 90’s Inspired DIY Video For “Ex Lovers”

Toronto’s GRAE looks back on past relationships on her new indie-pop cut Ex Lovers. It’s about those same streets filled with the same faces while holding new hands and a deluge of razorwire memories as you’re unable to let go of that one.

“‘Ex Lovers’ was written during a time in my life where I was dating people just to get over a certain person,” explains GRAE. “I convinced myself there was something real in these relationships when really, I knew there wasn’t. In one of the cases actually, it felt like that person was doing the same thing, trying to get over an ex by dating me, and we found ourselves in the same position, which is where the line ‘’maybe we’re just using one another” came from. We were both trying to get back at our ex lovers.”

Ex Lovers is joined by a 90’s inspired DIY video featuring GRAE dancing in her bedroom. Speaking on the making of the video, GRAE added:

“The idea for the video for ‘Ex Lovers’ was to have me talking to my computer / phone like a diary and letting out all my emotions to the guy I was and to the guy I was trying to get over. It was interesting to film a video in my bedroom and be creative with it. Due to the virus we had limited resources but were able to pull through! It will be interesting to look back on in a few years and remember the state of the world we were in at the time.”

Ex Lovers follows the release of GRAE’s single “Slow Down,” and both songs appear on her forthcoming sophomore EP. Where Ex Lovers is about not being able to let go, “Slow Down” is about the rush of feelings for a mysterious stranger.