Irena Zilic Returns With The Dreamy EWO
Jure Živković

Irena Zilic Returns With The Dreamy “EWO”

Two years after releasing her sophomore album, “Haze,” Croatian singer-songwriter Irena Zilic announced a new EP titled “Small Hours”. EWO is the first taste of her new direction as she embraces electronic elements while still preserving the intimacy she imbues in her sound.

On EWO (Eyes Wide Open), Zilic invokes those small hour moments when you lie alone or next to another and those fears with teeth like razor wire intrudes your thoughts. With dreamy distorted notes twisting and spiralling like moonlit smoke tendrils, Zilic howls into the heavy sunken darkness where nothing changes and reminds herself not to hold it in for too long.

Irena Zilic’s “Small Hours” EP is due late 2019.