Michael Paradise Announces EP & Shares Intimate Lately

Michael Paradise Announces EP & Shares Intimate “Lately”

Toronto’s Michael Paradise returns with his first single of the year and the first off his forthcoming EP, ‘Lil Fantasy Machine’. On Lately, Paradise dials it back and displays his more intimate side as his voice drifts across gentle piano notes. Speaking on the single, he offered:

“Right when the pandemic hit in March I went up to my parents house to hunker down and I started writing little simple songs on the piano. It was so nice to have access to a proper piano rather than just my midi keyboard. I then produced out “Lately” but kept it really bare and simple, panning out the doubled vocals far left and right like Elliot Smith does. I ever thought I’d release the song so I didn’t make it with anyone else in mind. So the song is quite vulnerable, about my own failures and trying to be ok with them. There is something tender and real about it, much more than the songs I normally release. I never re-recorded the vocals from that very first recording. When I show it to friends they respond really positively so I decided to put out “Lately” in case it resonates with anyone else having a hard time through all this.”

The ‘Lil Fantasy Machine’ EP has no release date but listen to Lately right here.