Planets Discover Their Faults With New Collaborator On Reflections

Planets Discover Their Faults With New Collaborator On “Reflections”

Formed originally as an instrumental, Planets (Matthew Morgan, Christian Haberkern, and Tim Morgan) soon found Missouri-based vocalist (and coincidentally, a Facebook follower of theirs) Rae Anna Beauford through YouTube. Over the next few months, they would send files back and forth, crafting their first single titled Reflections.

While whimsical in sound, Reflections details the slow and painful realisation of discovering your faults and the subsequent difficulty in processing them. You failed them and lost them, left to dig your own grave next to hopeless orchards. Entered the void with the black and white striped spiders that once graced you with boundless light. Seconds turn to hours, hours to days, days to months. But one day, the long ashen hair will burn away and you’ll no longer cling to rotten faces with cedar for eyes. And you’ll be a better man. Just not today.

Listen to the – much lighter than my own feelings – Reflections below and look out for Planets’ forthcoming EP, Colors Alive.

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