Tugboat Captain Thinks You Should "Be Strong, Smoke Less"

Tugboat Captain Thinks You Should “Be Strong, Smoke Less”

Admittedly, I don’t really listen to twee indie-pop. I’m no longer 22-years-old, however, Tugboat Captain’s Be Strong, Smoke Less is undeniably charming.

Inspired by a conversation between frontman Alexander Sokolow and his mother, the song addresses the difficulties of trying to the best person you can for another and for yourself, which seems unachievable at best, impossible at worst. Buoyant and jangly with cozy duelling boy-girl vocals reminding you to be your best, it’s a pleasant addition for those looming summer playlists.

Tugboat Captain has spent the last year gathering attention across the DIY pop community through their relentless touring and riotous live shows featuring bassoons and nudity, homemade videos, and bittersweet pop songs.