Yawn Vibes Releases Nostalgic Debut Single Stadium

Yawn Vibes Release Nostalgic Debut Single “Stadium”

Stadium is the debut single from Perth-based Yawn Vibes. What began as a bedroom pop project for singer Taylah Mclean and guitarist Christopher Grunwaldt shifted into a jangly pop outfit along with Jess Moyle (keys) and Ryan K Brennan (drums). Led by Mclean’s quivering vocals, Stadium is a charming slice of nostalgia that’ll have you daydreaming for brighter days.

On the single, Yawn Vibes’ offered:

“We kinda wish we were rock dogs in Dunedin in the 80’s, but we’re not so we took our namesake from our mutually loved The Bats and worked on bringing in our love of 80s NZ bands, kitsch Australiana, and crisp and clean guitars whilst pairing it with driving vocals.”