Afrodile Trane Releases Soulful Debut In A Sentimental Groove

Afrodile Trane Releases Soulful Debut “In A Sentimental Groove”

Afrodile Trane (Mia Johnson) is a singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Two years in the making, In A Sentimental Groove is the Boston-based artist’s debut single.

Fusing hip-hop, jazz, R&B, and neo-soul, Johnson brings her experiences and closets filled with skeletons to life. Her vocals rolls and flutter with the sweet lapping wave of a honeycomb. In A Sentimental Groove builds into a vibrant and enchanting work but with a shadow of melancholy that lingers in the back of her throat, and soars with the cry of brass and defeat.

Listen to the soul Afrodile Trane right here.

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