Vacation Forever's I Changed My Life For You Is Tropical Crack

Vacation Forever’s “I Changed My Life For You” Is Tropical Crack

2017 was a rough year for the multi-talented Zacharias Zachrisson. First, he lost his mother and then due to severe stage fright, he left the band he founded (Tussilago). But after some soul-searching, Zachrisson returns with his new solo project, Vacation Forever.

Following his debut single, “Blank Ocean”, Zachrisson shifts into something a little more punk rock with I Changed My Life For You. Alongside gritty guitars and driving drums is Zachrisson repeating the title over and over. It throbs and pulses, disguised and deformed, with a noxious breath that swirls with a touch of Bradford Cox. Or as Zach calls it, “Tropical Emo”.

Speaking on the song, he says, “‘Changed my life’ is kind of like beachboys on crack it’s 2 chords and repeating vocals it’s a desperate attempt to sound like Alan Vega.”

Vacation Forever’s debut EP will be released later this summer via Kravenworks.

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