Ayelle Drops Slow Burning Regrets Ft. Akacia & BB

Ayelle Drops Slow Burning “Regrets” Ft. Akacia & BB

As part of a new single every month through the year, Ayelle’s latest for the project is Regrets. This relentless omnipresent emotion that tastes like sulphur is cooled by Ayelle and Akacia’s crystalline vocals that flutter between each other. As the duo try to push forward without gnashing their teeth, deep bass murmurs with a hypnotic slow burn. Speaking on the collaboration and inspiration, Ayelle says:

“‘Regrets’ is about the anxiety involved in keeping up appearances and longing for something more. Akacia and I started working on the track remotely last year and brought it to BB who’s production really brought it to life.

Melt with confidence right here.

The single is backed by PRS Momentum fund and is one of 12 singles that Ayelle is releasing every month this year. Ayelle is also running an awareness-raising campaign called #NoRegretsChallenge to encourage fans to start a conversation around mental health.