Wavvy Frog & Candy Boy Share Radiant Candy Flips

Wavvy Frog & Candy Boy Share Radiant “Candy Flips”

I interviewed Wavvy Frog from the up and coming collective Twerquoise back in May, and now he and fellow Twerquoise member Candy Boy have dropped their new EP, Candy Flips.

Inspired by the combination of acid and molly, Candy Flips traverses radiant universes with stars that explode beneath the soaring rumble of future bass, jersey club, and a milky way of melted crayons scattered across the infinite landscape of the deafening black hole in your mind. Yield not to the void and instead let Candy Boy and Wavvy Frog take you to a land of crunchy flowers that dance under your feet and seas that peak with jubilance.

As if that wasn’t enough, the EP closes with a sample of Ciara’s “Body Party” and you know how much I love that.