Doug DeLuca Shares Funky New Gimme Love

Doug DeLuca Shares Funky New “Gimme Love”

Born and raised on the East Coast, Doug DeLuca went from working in the marketing side of the music industry while putting his creative dreams on hold. After spending a year working with a plethora of artists, DeLuca decided to re-ignite his passion for creating music and mustered the courage to move to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams. Fast forward about three years and here we are, a month away from DeLuca’s debut EP, “Hit Your Mark”, and from it comes the second single, “Gimme Love”.

With his penchant for real instruments, DeLuca employs brass that billows with rose-glazed smouldering warmth, sultry guitar riffs, and soulful backing vocals which conjure a magically funky jam. Five deep and with his sixth old fashion in hand (also a personal favourite), DeLuca’s looking for that little something for his heart, or maybe just his loins, with the help of his smooth vocals, smokey and voluptuous.

Speaking of the EP, Doug DeLuca says:

“I write about what I know. Going out on the town and trying to find some lovin’. Or, staying with a woman who treats you like shit, but you do whatever she wants because she’s so beautiful. You know, the usual.”

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