Premiere T.R.3 Drops Self-Directed Bad (To The Bone) Video

Premiere: T.R.3 Drops Self-Directed “Bad (To The Bone)” Video

Last month saw the release of T.R.3’s official Popular Nobody released debut LP, “Together Alone”. Today, the Atlanta-based artist brings us the second visual companion for the album.

Dedicated to all the special someone’s who’s “bad” in all the right ways, Bad (To The Bone) is a woozy affair with a slow stutter step of percussion and subtle guitar riffs that add some depth to an already dope track.

In the self-directed video, T.R.3 captures the real-life couple and frequent collaborator/artist JanuaryHigh and Lazaria. From water balloon fights to a fruit and weed-filled picnic, it’s a touching view of lovers living in the moment and fully connecting with each other. Watch it right here.