Cambriana Release New LP Ft. The Enthralling Manaus

Cambriana Release New LP Ft. The Enthralling “Manaus”

Last week marked the release of experimental indie folk-rock group Cambriana’s new album, “Manaus Vidaloka”. This fully DIY project was partially recorded in the rainforests surrounding Manaus, Brazil, where the band took a week-long retreat. Throughout the 11-tracks, Cambriana swings with futurism, Afrobeats, and Chimurenga, and between it all is Manaus – the enthralling seven-minute-long song.

Like a Latin version of Toronto indie-folk outfit, Bruce Peninsula, Manaus croaks and howls with lush verdant harmonies and an organic energy as it switches rhythms with a swift, natural touch. Frontman Luis Calil says of the single:

“‘Manaus’ assumes the point of view of Mother Nature, who warns of the consequences of harming the environment. ‘When the leaders all drown, show them my crown, the Mother won’t spare the meek.’ It’s also critical of the hypocrisy/cluelessness of well-intentioned ‘Mother Earth motherfuckers’ who care about nature, yet blindly support leaders who harm Brazil’s ecosystem.”

Listen to the single below along with “Manaus Vidaloka” in its entirety here.

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