George Glew Shares The Powerful Folk Anthem Home Love

George Glew Shares The Powerful Folk Anthem “Home Love”

After two releases from his one single a month project for the next year, Bristol-based George Glew recently released the third single titled, Home Love. It’s a powerful anthem that surges with unexpected ferocity wrapped with genuine compassion. Glew says the song is, “about empathizing with someone who is at their lowest. Knowing that everyone goes through hardships and low points and doing something to help that person. Acknowledging that you’ve been through a time similar to this person creates a vulnerability which I think comes across in the song.” 

With outstretched arms, Glew’s emphatic vocals pierce the relentless void with a heartrending embrace. As the hook pummels forth, the floor stomping band and gang vocals soar like a rapturous tide that clashes against the contours of a somnolent mountainside. This is passionate hope from a loving friend, companion, lover – something we all need from time to time.

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