Jack Vanity Just Wants You And Your Love Cause Loving Is Fine

Jack Vanity Just Wants You And Your Love Cause “Loving Is Fine”

Max Goldenstein is the anxiety ridden man-boy who dreams of one day serenading weary travelers in a 4-star lounge in the middle of Nevada as Jack Vanity. With a new EP on the way, Goldenstein brings us the jangly folk anthem, Loving Is Fine.

With tongue-in-cheek descriptions backed by a boisterous band, Goldenstein croons about the diamond in his eye, the boa constrictor wrapped around him, the one he wants to degrade with until their earthly bodies disintegrate into the yawning dirt. It’s a love so engulfing and wild, melodious and fragrant. One he wants to grip with the desperate claws of hungry love. One he grasps with stretched arms, clutches with shaking hands, forever seizing that which he never dreamed of. Deep down, it’s what we all dream and desire.

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