Nelipot Releases Vibrant Garden Hose Rainbow

Nelipot Releases Vibrant “Garden Hose Rainbows”

The NSW Central Coast-based boys of Nelipot have an affinity for combining honest vibrant indie rock with the mundane twisted into a romantic reality. With the announcement of a small round of shows along the East Coast, the trio has released Garden Hose Rainbows.

Backed by shredding guitars and frontman Jordan Olyslagers’ gripping vocals, Garden Hose Rainbows wails and billows with a colourful burst of energy and a touch of Brit-pop. Speaking on the inspiration, Olyslagers says:

“With a little abstraction, the song articulates the struggle between one’s contentment with themselves as ordinary, average, and mundane, against the ubiquitous longing to be special, to be spectacular, to ‘maximize potential’.”

In the coming weeks, Nelipot will reveal an accompanying music video for Garden Hose Rainbows.