Peter Sonic's Debut The Cracks Is A Refreshing Alt-Pop Anthem

Peter Sonic’s Debut “The Cracks” Is A Refreshing Alt-Pop Anthem

Peter Sonic is the self-described “optimist and nihilist” sharing his world view through smoke tinted glasses. On his debut single, The Cracks, Sonic combines the contradictions of his life with tribal drums and a refreshing pop anthem with hints of new wave and a groovy bassline. Lyrically, The Cracks is, “about the parts of us that we are most ashamed of, the parts that we keep hidden for fear of reprisal. It’s about knowing our emotional imperfections and our mistakes are our cracks, but it’s also the imperfections that create the deepest connection.” 

With a heart not protected by a steel cage, the smoke tendrils of Sonic’s baritone fills your marrow with a pang of tenderness that feels like it’s ready to say fuck it and give in to the hungry gulf of nothingness. But through the deepest darkest abyss, there’s a flicker of light that skinny wrists grip, clutch, and seize with the quiet voice of hope and acceptance.

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