Benz Shares Touching Video For Yearnful The Smile

Benz Shares Touching Video For Yearnful “The Smile”

Benz began as an outlet for Ebba Salomonsson to explore her own self and as a way to reflect on the past. Her new single, The Smile, captures the past with a cerulean gauze of instrumentation and her breathy vocals backed by a blossoming billow of brass. It swoons and shimmers with an eternal warmth saturated with dreamy longing.

With the single is a touching video directed by Ebba Gustafsson Ågren. “To me the song feels like when you finally let go of something you have kept inside you for a long time, and I wanted to embody that feeling,” explains Ågren. “I wanted to portray the unsureness and the tenseness of a friendship evolving into something more. For me this song was a love story and I’m really glad that Benz allowed me to interpret it like one.”

Benz continued saying, “What’s interesting with collaboration is when you let someone interpret and not personate something that you created. It’s also interesting when the result continues to evolve the story. And working with Ebba Ågren, portrays that.”

Benz’s debut EP, “Erazor”, is due out in February.

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