Ebril Releases Debut LP Ft. The Tender Allium Road

Ebril Releases Debut LP Ft. The Tender “Allium Road”

Singer-songwriter Ebril began her career as a self-produced independent musician working and creating in her room in the summer of 2018. Through lush soft spacial synths and pads with warm sweet guitar riffs and melodies, she strives to create music that acts as a form of transportation, like a portal to a world where listeners can temporarily escape to.

Ebril has just released her debut album, aptly titled “Portals”. Speaking on the album she says, “The search for a place to live in your head, with the landscape, the flowers, the skies, and the essence of all feelings, comes to life with creation”.

Standout Allium Road closes the dream-pop inspired album with a tender stripped back acoustic and wisps of ambient textures. Listen right here.