Collapse Under The Empire Share The Fallen Ones Video

Collapse Under The Empire Share “Dark Water” Video

Chris Burda and Martin Grimm began making music together eight years ago as the post-rock duo Collapse Under The Empire. Ahead of their forthcoming album, The Fallen Ones, the Hamburg-based artists have shared a video for the lead single titled Dark Water.

Much like post-rock goliaths Explosions In The Sky and Mogwai, Dark Water leads with an anxious atmosphere, but instead of gradually building into a lavish crescendo, it hurtles into an expansive sphere. Dynamic guitars soaked with tremulous reverb is sprawled, stretched, and surpasses this earthly realm while snares roll and soar through the horizon with wide jaws. To introduce the Murat Kılıç directed/created video, the duo says, “Nothing has value unless we grant it, only we can give things meaning.”

Watch the captivating video below, and look for Collapse Under The Empire’s The Fallen Ones, next month.

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