Premiere Fretland Shares Could Have Loved You Video

Premiere: Fretland Shares “Could Have Loved You” Video

Seattle-based outfit Fretland continues to add the fabric of their music to the long line of Americana as they prepare to release their sophomore album, ‘Could Have Loved You’. Last month, the band led by Hillary Grace Fretland with Jake Haber (bass) and Luke Francis (guitar/bass) shared the heartbreak melting title track. On Could Have Loved You, Fretland looks back on lost loves with rich honeycomb vocals and the tendrils of sun-kissed nostalgia.

“‘Could Have Loved You’ is an ode to lost lovers everywhere,” explains Hillary. “There is this expectation that in order to move on from a past relationship you have to abandon any love or memory of them. I have never been able to do this. For anyone who has held that place in my heart, in some ways, is still there. I still think of them, wonder how they’re doing, hope they’re happy with their new partner. All the time we shared in my mind is ripe with moments of the good and the bad.”

Today, Fretland brings us the first look at the accompanying video and Hillary shared some words on the inspiration, setting, and more:

The video’s loneliness is in these fragmented memories both good and bad. I have a fondness for loneliness and even though this song is about moving on I wanted the video to be golden and juxtaposed to the lyrics. It was filmed all around the Tualco Valley where I live. It’s a strange time to be making art right now I’m just grateful that I live somewhere so beautiful and lush to pull from.

My favorite moments were sitting around that enormous bonfire. We have been doing renovations on our house all summer and the burn pile was getting outrageous. It was very cathartic and fitting to burn it for the video. If you have someone in your life who is still taking up a space, even if it’s just a spark, this song is meant to take you deeper into that memory. So, I’m sorry ahead of time if I’ve made anyone remember something they thought was over.”

Fretland’s sophomore record ‘Could Have Loved You’ is due out March 2021. Until then, listen to their debut self-titled release through Spotify.