Keren Ilan Releases Debut Single This Morning, Yesterday
Ariel Pedatzur

Keren Ilan Releases Debut Single “This Morning, Yesterday”

After spending time abroad and honing her skills between Vietnam, Tel Aviv, and Florence, Keren Ilan is set to release her debut EP later this month. This Morning, Yesterday is the EP’s title track and the first taste of what’s to come.

Ilan laments over lost love and the inevitable changes we experience like a tempest crashing upon the contours of a mountain. It’s the story of, “how you can feel like you are the whole world for someone, and in another second feel the extreme opposite.” With striking weary vocals and raw guitar, it’s dreamy and melancholic with the leaden weight of memories saturated in her surroundings as she carries on, lifeless and alone.

Watch Ilan go through the motions, lifeless and alone, in the accompanying video.

Keren Ilan’s debut EP “This Morning, Yesterday” is due out August 19th.