Samm Henshaw Is Broke But He Needs Your Loving, Girl

Samm Henshaw Is “Broke” But He Needs Your Loving, Girl

While I rarely, if ever, post lyric videos, Samm Henshaw’s video for Broke is a little different. Behind the lyrics is the singer-songwriter hanging out on his couch in a messy room, singing, dancing, playing music, and a bit of this and that. Being in a relationship with no money is tough business so Henshaw tries to reassure his symphony of light with his own delightful symphony with a fun groove, steady bass, horns (!), and self-deprecating humour. Broke or not, how could you still say no after this?

If I wasn’t broke
Would you spend more time with me
Like you said you’d do
Oh yeah, Tell me what I’m supposed to do
Cos the only thing is need is to be loved by you

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