Premiere BORDO Party On With Corey And Your Secret

Premiere: BORDO Party On With Corey And “Your Secret”

It all began two years ago when Matt and Vinz unleashed their first deep house cut titled “How It Feels” followed by their first EP which would propel them through electronic charts, radio, and the blogosphere. With two EP’s under their belt and a slew of singles, the boys of BORDO have evolved into an eclectic mix of funk, pop, and hip-hop with deep house grooves. Today, they bring us Your Secret.

This just may be BORDO’s finest to date with its lush backdrop of an endless summer on your warm skin, sticky from the heat with a light layer of the shoreline’s fragrant scent. It’s like two oceans sending and receiving from the same source with the same rising and sinking desires from dusk to dawn. Distant, echoed vocals croon with the gentle tide of the sea while Corey drops bars between bright collisions of synths that slice the humid air. Your Secret is an anthem for the forever young, forever summer. So bask in its glow, swallow the heart, the soul, the eternal warmth, and party on.

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