Premiere: Ben Enalo Shares Brilliant "Synesthesia"

Premiere: Ben Enalo Shares Brilliant “Synesthesia”

Hudson, NY musician Ben Enalo returns with Synesthesia, the first single off his forthcoming album, Anxiety Colors. Using inspiration from the pain and isolation of synesthesia, Enalo will translate his experience into three individual floors of thought – beauty, ignorance, and optimism, with each song going its own way from one of these floors.

Synesthesia begins with an ambient instrumental as Enalo sings of the confusion that comes with it. The ensuing journey is what I imagine it feels like when sounds enter your mind and it begins to process the world in colors. Colors in all its frightening depravity and glorious brilliance. The minimal production design will stretch within the spacious confines of your mind as you lose yourself in the hypnotizing beat and Enalo’s voice, receiving a real sense of the power this may have on your psyche. Described as “draped in swagger”, you’ll be slow dancing in a trance as you embrace the beauty of Synesthesia.

Set for a May 3 release, Anxiety Colors is the third album from the brilliant Ben Enalo. Until then, look out for other singles and keep him at the top of your radar. Ben Enalo is something special.