What I'm Listening To With Japanese Wallpaper

What I’m Listening To With Japanese Wallpaper

I had the pleasure of speaking with Japanese Wallpaper a couple of years ago ahead of an Australian tour, but this time around, the young artist is on this side of the world in support of Shallou. But right before the tour kicked off in Dallas, he shared a new single titled Fooling Around off his forthcoming project.

Fooling Around dazzles at hyper speed with twinkling rays that glisten like a thousand burning stars while pulling you into its magnetic body. “‘Fooling Around’ is a song about figuring out how to accept your feelings and stand up for yourself, “ explains Japanese Wallpaper. “It has nothing to do with actually fooling around, haha! It’s about self belief and not ignoring your emotions.”

Ahead of his Toronto date at the Velvet Underground, Japanese Wallpaper shared a playlist of stuff he’s been listening to while on tour including pop stars, indie rock goddesses, and more. Spin it right here and catch him tomorrow evening.