Cecilia Ebba Releases Gorgeous Debut EP Just Fantasy

Cecilia Ebba Releases Gorgeous Debut EP “Just Fantasy”

Since releasing her debut single, “Sweet Summer Wine”, which I wrote about but lost due to a backup failure, Cecilia Ebba has released a string of beautiful singles leading up to her just-released debut EP, Just Fantasy. 

The project is inspired by her time spent living in London while enveloped by its chaos. The chaos of moving from a small town and walking amongst the shadows of skyscrapers, and the chaos that pierced and seized her heart and mind. Released through her own label, Vilda Recordings, Ebba explores this time and space through seven wondrous tracks.

Ebba’s previously released four tracks open the EP, beginning with the start of her experience in London with the billow and crash of “Just Fantasy” as the city embodies a cold and distant person. Personal favourite “Voices” is an intimate number with haunting harmonies and flickering notes that sound like the whisper of old familiar demons. “Breathe Out Breathe In” follows as Ebba details a reoccurring dream where she seeks solace beneath the murmur of the deep blue, and the lush soundscape with the smouldering tendrils of melancholy continues on “Sweet Summer Wine”.

There’s a vastness that rests amongst these songs. It walks through empty streets saturated with a yearnful scent, even on the dreamy and acoustic final three tracks. “Cerulean Blue” is stripped back and delicate with a finger-picked guitar and Ebba’s crystalline vocals. “Vild” is a brief moment of ambient reflection before “Little Things” – a stunning piece with majestic harmonies and distorted notes that twist and spiral with Ebba’s ever-present soaring vocals before collapsing as the fantasy ends.

Part folk, part dream pop, Cecilia Ebba’s “Just Fantasy” is a gorgeous debut. Tender imagery and a lush atmospheric space flutters and rolls with a wash of inflated synths and beautiful vocals that fill the emptiness and loneliness. And it’s a must listen. It may just fill the cracks that line your bones.

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