Ghostly Kisses Releases Debut EP Featuring Divine “Baby Tomorrow”

After hitting a couple million Spotify streams, Ghostly Kisses (Margaux Sauvé) has finally released her debut EP, What You See. While the other tracks were released prior to the EP, Baby Tomorrow was the last and the perfect intro to this emerging French-Canadian artist.

Like a waking dream, Sauvé’s vocals are angelic with a fragile-inflected tone that simmers in the middle of her chest. You can feel the fragility weep off the tip of her tongue with each divine breath she releases and with a weight that pierces your bones. Soft percussion is married with melancholic synths and a delicate string arrangement that coo’s with a cascade of ethereal textures, culminating in a heartbreaking single. Maybe tomorrow you’ll be brave enough to let go.

Listen to Ghostly Kisses beautiful What You See in its entirety through Soundcloud.

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