Hypersleep Releases New Melancholic EP Ft. Charcoal

Hypersleep Releases New Melancholic EP Ft. “Charcoal”

After a successful 2015 that saw Hypersleep receive some well-deserved attention for a string of singles, the Melbourne-based artist set aside 2016 to work on his just-released EP, Charcoal. With the release is the title track featuring up and coming producer and vocalist Arrom.

Through stitching each piece from long recordings of improvisations, Charcoal glows with an organic warmth that permeates within the blackened space and its melancholic embrace. Little crackles erupt like fissures of onyx crystals while echoed vocals twist and pull beneath the crystalline breath of Arrom. A house-inflected bass line propels the synth that skitters across membranes of static while a bare piano chord allows Arrom, the only light in this decrepit space, to filter through. With lush textures and divine vocals, this and the entire Charcoal EP is one you must listen to.

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