Matt Wills Shares His Heartfelt Story About Emily

Matt Wills Shares His Heartfelt Story About “Emily”

Upon first listen, you wouldn’t be able to tell that Matt Wills grew up sharpening his lyrical skills as a freestyle battle rapper. But now, the London-based artist creates an eclectic range of soundscapes. For his latest release, Wills slows things down with Emily.

Over an emotive piano melody, Wills employs delicate yet lush electronica that wobbles between sincere, heartfelt lyrics with a voice that effortlessly glides through the obsidian nightmare. With an equal measure of romantic and disparaging words, Wills reflects on his indiscretions as he reluctantly comes to terms with the desolate breakdown. When he croons, “My Emily,” a million dying deaths slice through the void that dwells in your stomach.

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