Tal Simon Drops Debut EP Featuring The Tranquil Hollandaise

Tal Simon Drops Debut EP Featuring The Tranquil “Hollandaise”

21-year-old producer/singer Tal Simon spent much of quarantine pouring over old disposable photos that he had taken over the last 4-5 years. These photos now make up the cover for his debut EP, ‘Reworks’. The EP includes five of his favourite b-sides, reworked and remastered to conjure a nostalgic experience including the first release, Hollandaise.

Driven by a bright flute, Hollandaise is a tranquil trip back to those Saturday mornings that a young Simon spent with his family at Rickyl’s Diner – a staple in the small town he grew up in in Connecticut. Simon’s warped spoken vocals drift along the percussive pitter-patter and dreamy ambiance slip you back into yesterday. Or at least back to hitting replay.

Listen to Tal Simon right here.